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Dixie Belle all in One Silk Paint **Color (Tide Pool) **Same day shipping and as always a free gift

SKU: 398015205540_3D65
We will ship to you immediately on arrival via USPS priority Mail All reorder receive coupon for 10 % off next purchase. SILK is an awesome new paint that have a built in primer, stain blocker, and top coat in one. Clean and paint your piece. That is all ! LOOK AT all of these advantages of this paint! built-in primer, stain blocker, and top coat all in one. Mineral paint is the perfect choice for a super smooth, easy application and gives a stunning, silky eggshell finish. 20 Amazing Colors 16 OZ size only NO VOC- Safe for your and the environment Washable, mildew resistant Durable and UV protection Minimal Prep Cures in 21 days.