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MOJAVE YELLOW SILK all in one Mineral paint by Dixie Belle ** New Release Color** Yellow or Mustard color

SKU: 398015155733_CD45
SILK offers built-in primer, stain blocker, and top coat all in one. This exciting new mineral paint is the perfect choice for a super smooth, easy application and gives a stunning, silky eggshell finish. Dixie Belle new line is DESERT SILK adds 10 more colors to this awesome collection. Get your earth tone vibe on with these great colors. It is a super smooth, self-levelling paint that requires minimal prep and has low VOCs, so it’s safer for you and the environment.  Easy to apply  Cures in 21 Days  Minimal prep - just clean with Extra Clean, Scuff sand and paint.  Built in top-coat, primer and stain blocker truly all in one paint  Full coverage in fewer coats and self-levelling  Excellent durability and UV protection  Washable for an easy clean finish  Easy to clean, mildew and grease resistant